Sales and Use Tax

Sales and use tax delinquencies are governed by any state having sales tax in which you do business. When a business falls behind on its sales and use tax quarterly returns and/or payments, a business can be at risk of suffering a forced closure, seizure of business assets, and revocation of existing licenses. License revocations can be pervasive and can affect more than the state issued sales license alone. Alcohol and beverage control licenses may be revoked. Commercial driver licenses may be at risk. Requisite insurance coverage or other bonds may be withdrawn. States take the position that they would prefer to support the operation of a business that is contributing sales tax revenues than permit a business incurring ongoing sales and use tax liabilities to continue to operate. Sales and Use tax cases usually require immediate professional representation to intervene before the state takes steps to close a business down. The terms for continued operation while paying past quarters of sales and use tax can also be extremely aggressive. It is strongly recommended that a business suffering sales and use tax delinquencies contact our office right away to become informed about the steps to take to save your business before it is too late. States can be very cooperative during these difficult economic times when there is a clear showing that a business is prioritizing its need to resolve unpaid sales and use taxes.

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Professional representation in such circumstances can be extremely beneficial to make the case for allowing a business to continue to operate and to keep its licenses in good standing despite having a sales and use tax liability on record.