What is the Professional Financial Review Package?
Why is it helpful?
What does it include?
How it helps in determining qualifications for an offer in compromise?
How it all works once you purchase the package.
Reasons to consider the package.
COST of the package.
Frequently asked questions.

What is the Professional Financial Review Package?
This is a non-representation service where our professionals will pull all necessary financial records directly from the IRS (using a non-representation authorization form), review, analyze and prepare the IRS special Form 433-F, 433-A, and/or 433-B on your behalf, provide you with an in depth analysis of your financial situation as it relates to your tax liability, advice you on the best direction to take based on your specific tax situation, provide you with a complete, organized, and accurate financial analysis package that can be used as your presentation proposal to the IRS or State and provide you with a full one-hour post analysis consultation time.

Why would this Professional Financial Review Package be helpful for my tax situation?
When a taxpayer owes taxes to the IRS, they may be required to provide what is known as “financials” to the IRS for review. Many states conform to this process as well. The financials are a means for the IRS or State to determine what is the maximum amount that a taxpayer can reasonably pay towards their delinquent tax debt. The IRS will provide you with either a Form 433-F, 433-A, or Form 433-B depending on your tax type and circumstances. These forms are called “Collection Information Statements” and they basically are information gathering tools that ask you to spill your heart out on everything about your finances. It asks you about your income, your expenses, your assets, your bankruptcies, your pending lawsuits, your credit cards, your life insurance contracts, THE WORKS. It is often times very scary to fill out these forms and just hand them over to the IRS or State without knowing what they are about to do with you. Are they going to ask you to sell your house? Your car? Are they going to take half of your earnings? Your mind wonders all these horrific circumstances. It is no wonder why so many taxpayers often ignore this obligation, they don’t bother sending in these forms because they are simply too afraid to know. Stop burying your head in the dirt! You need to take ACTION and get this problem solved. But, the first step in doing so is not to face it head on, but rather face the problem advantageously. By doing the leg work (well, having us do it), you will have a better chance to get a reasonable solution to your problem, and your problem will be resolved.

The goal of the IRS is to collect the debt in the shortest amount of time. Therefore, the financial review is crucial in determining how much of a monthly obligation the taxpayer has to commit in paying back their taxes. When a taxpayer is oblivious to the rules of collections they may acquiesce to the demands of the IRS. Some taxpayers can struggle in paying the monthly obligations they’ve agreed to make with the IRS or State, without knowing whether they may have recourse.

There are many rules towards establishing payment plans (or installment agreements as the IRS and many states call them). It is not as easy as calling in and stating a specific amount that you WANT to pay, but rather, it becomes a skill of negotiations based on your understanding of the regulations. With this in mind, we developed this specific service to help taxpayers have the “upper hand” when attempting to resolve their tax debts.

The Professional Financial Review Package was designed with the idea that taxpayers need guidance and direction before they tackle on the task of discussing their tax debt with the IRS. The fact that you can fill out the IRS Form 433-A & 433-B all by yourself does not mean that you fully understand how it will be used against you. Yes, this form will be used against you along with all the supporting documents that are requested from it. The IRS has to review “supporting documents” to verify what you’ve inputted on the 433-F, 433A and/or 433B. The IRS and States will feed off of this information, and tell you how things will go. If you do not know how to take command of it, you will probably end up with the short end of the stick.

The Professional Financial Review Package includes:

  • Complete analysis of financial position to establish best direction for resolution.
  • Tax professional with expert knowledge of collection rules & regulations preparing and communicating with taxpayer during the analysis process.
  • You provide all raw materials and we will decipher, find out if there’s any specific data that’s missing, complete analysis, prepare tax forms, and discuss with you the outcomes and direct you how to proceed.
  • You give us authorization (by signing a Form 8821) to get information from the IRS to verify your tax problem and use such information to analyze your financials in the same fashion that IRS does.
  • Get your financial situation analyzed by human brainpower, capable of catching incongruities of your supporting documents, and able to determine the most realistic resolution to your tax problem.
  • We mail to you an organized, completed package which includes YOUR original documents that you provided to us, but organized and analyzed, ready to be mailed to the IRS or State.
  • We provide you thorough advice which is solely based on a complete review of your financials and tax situation. We provide you direction, instructions, scenarios on how the IRS is going to review your information and how to defend your proposal to them.
  • We provide you with a ONE HOUR post-submission consultation for advice on moving your proposal along with the IRS after you’ve submitted the information package to them. This is a consultation with one of our licensed professionals offering you advice and direction based on the financial package that was prepared.

By letting us work on your financials and analyzing every aspect of your economic situation, you will benefit in many ways. We will tell you how best to protect yourself, your family, and your assets. We will explain to you your rights, and we will give you a thorough analysis on the best direction to take on your case. Your financial situation will first be reviewed by knowledgeable experts in the field of tax resolution, so will have an advocate preparing these documents with your best interest in mind! You will also be given the answer to the most commonly asked question: Can I settle with the IRS or State with an Offer in Compromise?

The Professional Financial Review Package will help you find out if you qualify for an Offer in Compromise!
One of the most important questions that taxpayer’s ask us is if they can get a settlement with the IRS or State? The answer to that may not always be clear if we speak with you for only 15 minutes. There will be taxpayer’s that may meet some of the criteria for an Offer, but without a full analysis of the situation, we cannot give you an accurate answer. This is why the PFRP is essential because it provides a professional and in-depth review of your financial situation in the same fashion that the Offer in Compromise staff at the IRS will review the situation. You are paying for professional review and professional advice. If you do qualify for an offer, you will receive completed Forms and instructions ready to be submitted to the IRS or state. You will also be given the opportunity to obtain our Full Service representation. If you elect to hire us for full services, you’ll receive a credit (in the amount of the purchase price of the PFRP) on the full service quote that we provide to you.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You will be given a short Questionnaire package from us that will need to be completed by you to the best of your ability. This questionnaire will help us navigate the analysis, but it only serves as a guide. We also will provide you with a one page Document Request List which asks that you provide supporting documents to us so that we can analyze such documents to complete our analysis.
  2. Once we’ve completed our analysis, we prepare all the proper collection forms that are required by the IRS for accounts in collections (these are the Forms 433-F, 433-A, and/or 433-B). The finished forms will become your property upon our completion of the work. We will also organize your original supporting documents and complete a collection presentation package.
  3. Once we’ve prepared the package, we send you the completed IRS or state forms and begin the advice session on the best course of action that should be taken for your case based on the analysis conducted. This advice session is your opportunity to ask questions on all resolution options available. This is not the one-hour post-work session (discussed in #4 below). In this advice session, we will talk about how the IRS will interpret your financial situation, if you qualify for an offer or not, and we can even discuss what steps can be taken to qualify for an offer at a future date. We will discuss your options for payment plans, currently non-collectible status, or partial pay installment agreements. All topics of resolution will be covered as they pertain to your specific situation and you will have a better understanding on how to approach the IRS or state. We will also cover whether you’d like to hire us for full service representation, which is at your discretion to do so.
  4. Once we completed the advice session, we will send you a completed resolution package via mail with all necessary instructions. After we send you the completed resolution package, our case work is completed. Your one hour session will begin after we mail to you the resolution package. The one hour session can be utilized in the form of telephone or email. This timed session is your opportunity to ask any follow-up questions you have in regards to the processing of the package that was prepared for you (such as questions from IRS or state personnel and how to respond to them). We will document the time until you’ve fully exhausted it. Any additional time will be billed at an hourly rate of $250/hour. This timed session is only available to the specific account and is not transferrable.

Reasons to consider the Professional Financial Review Package:

  1. By understanding the rules of collections based on your specific financial information, you can have a level playing field in discussions with IRS and State collection officers.
  2. Don’t stress in providing your completed paperwork with the IRS without first understanding how they will interpret its contents.
  3. Don’t spend countless hours reading and understanding IRS Publications and Instructions, they are cumbersome and time consuming. Make it easy on yourself and give us all the raw materials we need, we will do the rest.
  4. Many IRS personnel will not tell you that you’re allowed certain “standard” expenses without the need for supporting documents. Don’t miss out on these standard expenses as they can make a huge difference in your resolution agreement.
  5. Obtain advice from qualified Enrolled Agents and Tax Attorney’s who perform collection analysis on a day to day basis and will give you THOROUGH ADVICE based on a completed analysis. Don’t be fooled by “free consultations” as seen on TV, these free consultations do not offer you a real analysis about your situation, the agendas behind those calls are to close you and sell you representation based on an pseudo-analysis of your situation. Many times, you are not prepared to give the most accurate information during these calls, and when inaccurate information is given then an improper direction is then offered to you (such as selling you representation to go through an offer in compromise when you’re not qualified for one). What’s worse, you need to be careful with speaking to non-licensed salespeople. They are the only ones that would spend the time with you for “free” to provide you these pseudo-consultations, so that in the end, they sell you on an unreasonable resolution and charge you top dollar for it.
    • Licensed professionals value their time and consultations are limited if they are deemed free. This is understandable, they know they have a myriad of knowledge that is valuable and so they’re consultation time requires a fee.
    • The only way a consultation will provide value to YOU is to first evaluate all financial aspects of your situation. Otherwise, you are wasting your time.
  6. Why use tax resolution software to resolve serious tax problems? Your resolution is based on information that you input in their systems, without regard to reviewing your “supporting documents” which HAVE to be reviewed by the IRS. Software programs being marketed in the industry do not analyze your supporting documents, and therefore, your inputted information does NOT get verified with your supporting documents. This may cause difficulties because verifying your numbers on form 433A & 433B is common and required by IRS and State agents! If your input is not accurate, then your resolution won’t be either (heard the old saying “garbage in garbage out?”).

COST of the package.
Take advantage of our Professional Financial Review Package, you will be glad you did!

$800 for Wage Earners (only 433A or 433-F needed)
$1000 if at least one taxpayer is a sole-proprietor (only 433F or 433A needed)
$1,500 for all others needing 433-A & 433-B for one specific tax type (i.e. Partnerships, S-corporations, and regular corporations)

Frequently asked questions.

Who does this Benefit?

  • Taxpayer’s simply needing sound advice on how to handle the IRS, but would like to handle it themselves in the most convenient, time saving, energy saving way.
  • Taxpayers interested in hiring representation, but want to know if they can try to handle it on their own.
  • Taxpayers interested in hiring representation, but want to know the direction their representative will plan to take on their case.
  • Taxpayers that have already HIRED representation elsewhere, but are not satisfied with performance or believe they need a second opinion. This is true for taxpayers that are in situations where they do not know or understand how their representative is executing their case, or should be executing their case.
  • Taxpayer’s that have current payment plans with IRS or State but…
    • Are concerned the resolution was unreasonable. This may a case where taxpayer does not believe they were treated fairly and may have missed opportunities to have negotiated better.
    • Feel they are paying a monthly payment plan that is above what they can really afford currently. They need to know if there’s another way to approach the IRS.
    • Want to know if an Offer in Compromise is available to them now.

Who is suited to take advantage of non-representation Professional Financial Review Package?

  • If you are NOT disputing the tax owed to the IRS or State (ie. Audit issues, unreported income issues). The tax that you owe is correct with increasing penalty and interest.
  • If you do NOT have a dire emergency in collections (You are not in threat of garnishment or levy actions by the State or IRS or you know you have a hold on your account). If you are in collections, and receiving threatening letters, you should consider our Full Services so that we can stop collections and deal with all issues of the IRS.
  • If you are COMPLIANT with all tax return filings with the IRS or State. This means that you have filed all your tax returns to the most recent tax year (regardless of extensions you appropriately filed with IRS or State).

Is there someone representing me if I purchase the Professional Financial Review Package?
Our professionals do not officially represent you with the IRS or State. The PFRP package is a relative inexpensive method of obtaining professional help without representation. We do ask that you sign a Tax Authorization Form 8821 so that we can call the IRS to request specific information that would allow us to thoroughly analyze your case. This special IRS form only gives us the authority to retrieve information, it does not gives us any authority to act on your behalf (only the IRS Form 2848 Power of Attorney, has the ability to give us that control). We perform the financial analysis as we would our full service clients, and provide you with complete advice and direction on how to approach your situation with the IRS. We give you all the information you need to empower yourself to deal with the IRS with a sense of security and balance. And, you can utilize up to one hour of telephone assistance for any additional questions you have. Your One Hour consultation time does not expire, you are free to use this consultation time as you please and you can email us or make the phone call.

How long does it take to complete the analysis and provide me with the direction I need to take action?
Provided that you send us all necessary supporting documents, we can complete our analysis review within 3 business days or less. However, there will be cases where taxpayers may not send us all necessary paperwork and, thusly, we will need to clarify and request the missing data so that our analysis is accurate and complete. Based on taxpayer’s response time, the entire process can take up to 30 days to complete. Rest assured that we will work diligently with you to get the required information and keep the financial package as accurate as possible. The completed package should have the most current financial information that the state or IRS needs to make a decision on your case (usually the last 3 months is what they require).

Is there any guarantee that the financial paperwork and the advice you provide is guaranteed to work once I submit things and work it on my own?
We are confident that the analysis that is provided to you and advice towards a reasonable proposal has a high probability of acceptance with the IRS. We follow all their guidelines and regulations for collection rules. Our extensive knowledge comes from the study and understanding of the Internal Revenue Manual and the Internal Revenue Code. Negotiating with the IRS is not easy, even if you have proper financial tools. It is our experience that some officers of the IRS or even State may not know that a certain rule applies to specific situations. This is the reason why representation is helpful to so many taxpayers. We do not guarantee that a specific outcome is going to be approved to the exact dollar, however, if you do not receive a reasonable outcome based on the analysis and advice that we have provided to you and, provided that you have utilized the full hour post-analysis consultation time provided to you in your package, we will treat you fairly and offer you a partial refund based on the specifics of the situation. Our company’s success is based on the satisfactory experience our clients receive from us.

Will I just need to submit the completed paperwork to the IRS or State and wait for their response? What if I get a follow up call from them?
The Professional Financial Review Package provides the taxpayer with a full one-hour post analysis consultation. This time is yours to utilize and ask questions on the responses by the IRS, any letters being received, and any additional questions that the IRS has based on their review of the package that we have analyzed and prepared for you. You can use this time to ask questions on the conversation you had with and IRS official, discuss letters being received by the IRS, or any other related matter. We will provide you with additional advice and review any additional pieces of information you wish us to advise you on. This is your coaching hour, so utilize it to your best advantage.

What if I would like to obtain representation for my tax problem after I purchase the PFRP?
There are several circumstances that would require that you get a tax professional to represent you. We know that many taxpayers simply do not want to speak with the IRS or State agents. We are happy to take on that difficult task for you! We can quote you our full service representation fee and credit you for the amount that you have already paid from your PFRP purchase!