IRS Tax Audit Reconsideration

If you missed the deadlines for participating in an audit and the deadlines for appealing the audit following receipt of a Notice of Deficiency, there is still hope for you. The IRS has an Audit Reconsideration process whereby a taxpayer is able to request that the Service “reopen” the closed audit to consider items that were not considered during the initial process of the audit. Audit reconsideration is an Internal Revenue Service procedure designed to help you when you disagree with the results of:

  • An Assessment IRS the made because of an audit of your tax return;
  • A return the IRS created for you because you did not file a tax return, as authorized by the Internal Revenue Code 6020(b);

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The IRS will consider Audit Reconsideration in the following circumstances:

  • You are submitting information that they have not considered previously which might change the amount of tax you owe, or credit you believe you are entitled to;
  • You filed a return after the IRS completed a return for you;
  • You believe the IRS made a computational or processing error in assessing you additional tax;
  • The liability is unpaid or credits are denied.

In light of these procedures, it can be a very lengthy process to reopen a closed audit. It does take time and diligence to get the results that you need in the least amount of time. Having a tax professional on your side facilitates this process by managing all aspects of IRS procedure.